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Light Deprivation

Motorized Setup


Ask about our DC powered automatic control boxes and motors.  All of our boxes come with a 1 yr warranty and are manufactured in Grass Valley, CA!

Manual Setup


A great way to get started while saving up for a motorized kit!  We stock standard and upgraded chain pulleys for manual curtain rolling.

Take Control of Mother Nature

Grow Crops Year Round

A light deprivation greenhouse enables the farmer to grow photo period sensitive plants all year long!  With our automated system, you don't even have to be there! Your ROI on a light dep greenhouse far exceeds indoor cultivation yet produces a similar product.  Our control boxes can be programmed to open and close your blackout curtain multiple times per day, allowing the user to "burb" the greenhouse during excess humidity at night.  Finally, you can be focusing your time and energy on product development, canopy management, branding and other facets of the farm! 

In addition to our complete light dep kits.  We stock all of the components and fabric to DIY, retrofit  or repair your existing structure.  

12mil B/W Breathable Fabric, 80w-150w Motors, Chain Pulley's, steel tube components, C Channel/Wiggle Wire, Batten Strap, Control Boxes, Motor and Chain Pulley Adapters, Aluminum Clips, Snap Clamp Clips

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